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Statuario marble
Statuario marble
By Bhandari marble group
The pioneer group of statuario marble.
IStatuario marble in India.
Statuario marble in Mumbai
White Italian marble
Statuario marble price
Statuario marble slabs
Statuario marble tiles

Statuario Marble
By Bhandari marble group

Bhandari marble group

Statuario Marble
Bhandari marble group

Statuario Marble
Bhandari marble group

Statuario Marble
Bhandari marble group
Statuario Marble
Bhandari marble group

Statuario Marble
Bhandari marble group

Statuario Venatino Marble
Bhandari marble group

Statuario Venatino Marble
Bhandari marble group

Statuario Venatino Marble
Bhandari marble group
Statuario Venatino Marble
Bhandari marble group
Indian Statuario Marble
Bhandari marble group
Price 50  RS. up to 150 RS. per squier feet.

Indian statuario Marble
Bhandari marble group
Indian statuario marble
Bhandari marble group
Indian Statuario marble 
Bhandari marble group   

Bhandari's Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble includes white  Italian Marble, white  Indian Marble and many more. Italian Marble having wide range in variety,some of White  Italian Marble Names or Italian Marble Types
White Italian marble
Statuario marble
Venetino marble
Statuario tho marble
Botticino classico Marble ,
Royal Dyna Marble, Onyx  marble , Marble, Onyx marble
Statuario marble of Italian marble by Bhandari marble group  is one of the best  finest and precious luxurious marble stone ,   pure white color with purple and gray  black lines. Statuario marble of Italian marble  Bhandari marble group are manufactured then supply  by India's oldest and best marble group Bhandari marble group  Statuario Marble Slabs And Statuario marble Tiles . Bhandari marble group will serve the best  statuario Italian marble flooring in India and abrode also.
Bhandari marble group
Statuario marble slab
Statuario marble tils are used in Flooring elevation and decorations of
home villa, hotels offices, projects and buildings , high rise malls, towers , luxury hotels , temples mosques , churches and township  etc.
Bhandari marble group
Statuario marble slabs and  Tiles of Italian marble by Bhandari marble group available  best competitive  statuario marble price and  cost at Bhandari marble group Kishangarh Rajasthan India  Statuario marble Price Statuario Marble Slabs Statuario marble Tiles
Frequently Used as lobby, , entrance, hall, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, backside lobby, counter tops, pillars, walls, staircase, first floor, upper lobby, master bedroom, gust bedroom,, terres, handicrafts,
Bath tub,
faucet ,
marble  tub ,
soaking  tub ,
wall  art ,
wall  decor ,
bathroom ,
windows ,wall claddings etc.
Statuario marble of Italian marble
Pretty and shining looks attractive marble  at Bhandari marble group
statuario marble price  statuario marble cost Statuario Marble Italy, as well as in Statuario Marble India and Statuario Marble Kishangarh or kishangarh known of  Italian marble in india or Italian marble india in Italian marble price .
Bhandari marble group
Statuario marble
Statuario Marble or Carrara Marble is further classified as, Statuary Veined Marble, Bianco Statuario marble, Statuario White Marble, Bianco Statuario Marble, Carrara marble, Statuario Venatino Marble, Carrara Bianco Statuario (these all comes into the category of Italian Marble names or Italian Marble also Indian Statuario marble which are one of the oldest and the finest marble product in the world founded mainly as Italian marble , Italian marble india or Italian marble in india.Statuario famous for its high luster and visual appeal to the area with best quality, appearance , patterns & designs , sizes ,durability , utility, colours , prices and many more in genuine statuario marble cost (Mining or Statuario Marble blocks) and statuario marble Price (final Product)informs of Statuario Marble Slabs And Statuario Marble Tiles. These all can be seen in Italian marble flooring images in Italian Marble.

Italian Marble having competitive price range across the world. The general Italian Marble Price having variation from 150 RS. Per square feet. feet and goes on increase as per the quality basis . Whereas Statuario Marble Price ranging from 250 RS. per square feet. feet to 2500 RS per sq.feet as  Italian products and even  another quality marble which produces in India namely Indian Statuario Marble. The price  variate in between 50 RS. per square. feet up to 150 RS. per square. feet.of  Indian Statuario Marble which looks like Statuario Venatino marble founded mainly in Statuario Marble India and Statuario Marble Kishangarh or kishangarh marble in statuario marble price India. It is known in category of  Indo-Italian Marble.  Indian Statuario Marble flooring or Statuario marble are both look lavish and almost same.

Similar stones to Statuario Marble :Bianco , Bianco Carrara , Bianco, Calacatta (Italy), Ash-White Breccia Of (Greece), Pele De Tigres (Portugal), Makarana (India).which are also founded as Statuario Marble Italy ,Italian marble in india or Italian marble india in Italian marble price or  Italian marble cost  in forms of Statuario Marble Slabs And Statuario Marble Tiles. All above discussed names come in list of Italian Marble names or Italian Marble Types)

Why us :

Fortunately, We serve almost all variety of STATUARIO MARBLE products (World’s biggest stockist) in Indian Marble Industry. We are engaged as mines owner (Statuario Marble Quarry), Statuario Marble Manufacturers, ,interior designer, ,contractor,builder, Statuario Marble Suppliers, , Statuario Marble Sellers,Statuario Marble importer , Statuario Marble dealer, Statuario Marble Exporters (world-wide) since 1975.  Our commitment to quality , passion for excellence, long term relations,and humility for providing the best to our prestigious costumers is what has brought a string of satisfied client along with the admiration of our competitors too keeping in view our true work ethics, moral and honesty. As a result, we are the Leader in all kind of Imported marble that has brought a true synergy of Innovation,Technology and bright minds to achieve Perfection,earn a reliable Reputation and offer Precious products of highest quality possibly beyond compare. We are also providing various suitable services like insurance,transportation , warehousing, banking& finance, guest house  and many more as customer satisfaction is our final objective as we offer these Imported Products in best competitive Italian Marble Price within stipulated time period matching to the budget lines of our esteemed clients.
By D.C.Bhandari
Bhandari marble group
Kishangarh Rajasthan India

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we are the Oldest & Largest Manufacturer of Best Indian and Precious Italian marble, Indian & Imported granite, Sandstone & Quartz Stone.
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We cordially invite you to check an elaborate range of our finest selection at Bhandari Marble Granite Stone Studio, The king of the natural Stones at the kingdom of marble, granite and stone Located at makrana road, Kishangarh, P.O Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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D.C. Bhandari

Past Information of website -Statuario Marble it is really a best quality marble. it comes in pure white color with black lines. mostly it used in luxury hotels, luxury houses. it’s Price range start from 300 Rs. per sq. feet in original products. but one anther quality marble also produces in India than know as Indian Statuario Marble. it price range 50 Rs. per sq. feet up to 150 Rs. per sq. feet. it is too much similar to original Statuario marble. it look like statuario venato marble. if you require statuario  marble  Tiles than we can also provide you at best price. we are supplier, manufacturer and importer of this product. if you need in other country than we can export you also.

Italian marble, Italian Marble India,Statuario Marble Slab, Statuario Marblesupplier, Statuario Marble Cost, Statuario Marble India, Statuario MarbleKishangarh, Marble, Kishangarh Marble.


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