Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Katni marble

Katni Marbles
The pioneer group of Katni MARBLE
Katni Marbles
The best Indian MARBLE by India's best MARBLE GROUP BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Kishangarh Rajasthan India. Katni MARBLE best use for flooring Elevation And Decoration of home villa hotels office Projects etc.  From a long time period BHANDARI MARBLE Katni has become famous for its marble quality Quantity production and export. Bhandari Marble Katni marble has gained popularity because of its exquisite marble which are highly appreciated in constructing the  hotels home villa office Projects towers township  buildings etc. Bhandari MARBLE  Katni marble Better quality and better processing of the marble make them world class. BHANDARI Marbles of Katni are in high demand all over the world. The natural colours of Katni marble make it Wonder MARBLE.


Colour & pattern availability makes the Katni Marble suitable for your construction housing and industrial requirements
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Kishangarh Rajasthan India.

Dark green veining & a light Greenish beige background
By D.C.Bhandari
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Kishangarh Rajasthan India