Monday, August 31, 2015

Why you should consider Granite counter tops

Granite is one of the most respected components in interior design and outdoor design. Granite is very hard among the dimensional stones.
These are available in the form of slabs and tiles as well. Mostly Indian Granite Tiles and Indian Granite Slabs are very popular in the interiors of houses. Granite Counter tops are also very useful in Indian home.

Why to Choose Them:
1. Granite Counter tops are extremely strong:
Granite is the second strongest natural material in all, right after diamonds. It is rock hard material and is very beautiful as well. Granite is extremely durable that’s why, Granite counter tops are most often used in Kitchen. It is resistant to scratching and cracking. Because of this hardness material, Granite counter tops are heat resistant and stain resistant as well.

2. Granite Counter tops are Easy to maintain:
Before we install granite in your any room, we properly seal the granite for you, to make ensure its resistance towards stains. Unlike marble that they may retain some red color, we can say from spilled wine, as quickly granite will not absorb that color. Granite are highly Resistance towards stains but it also cleans up bacteria. Thus we can say that, Granite is very easy to maintain.

3. Granite Counter tops are great long-term investment:
Granite counter tops are very cost-effective and best solution for someone who wants long-lasting beauty in his home. Because of its strong ability, durability, and long lasting use- installing granite kitchen tops will definitely allow you to enjoy this product for so many years. After all finishing has been done; there is no need to worry about your product.

4. Granite Counter tops offers natural beauty:
Besides all the amazing qualities, the best part of this product is its natural gorgeous appearance and eye-caching quality. Each granite slab is unique with its patterns, and its attractive color. You can say, that No two pieces of this product are the very same. Granite kitchen tops really stand out and make your kitchen different and more gorgeous from others.
These are the main reason, we recommend choosing granite as your kitchen counter top.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meeting With Mr. Johan Hardwood & Mr. Ashish Andrew

World famous designer & marble handicraft expert Mr. Johan hardwood & India fame interior designer Mr. Ashish Andrew visited our factory Kishangarh from London for purchasing marble stone.

Purchase from us lot, like very much our world famous marble stone quality.

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Mr. Johan Hardwood & Mr. Ashish Andrew

Monday, August 24, 2015

Big Achievement Meeting with Kenya president and his wife

Yet another Big Accomplishment for Bhandari Marble Company: "His Highness Kenya president and his wife visited Bhandari marble company in Kishangarh and ordered for 85 different kind of marbles" Their words were "You have such a beautiful collection of marbles that we are not sure which one to leave".

They finally ordered 85 kinds of marble. An achievement for Bhandari marble group and it shows our dedication and expertise in Marble Industry.

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D.C Bhandari With Kenya president and his wife

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marble in India

Bhandari marble group is a most popular company in marble, granite and natural stone from kishangarh, Rajasthan, India. We are offer Indian marbles a huge variety in with the view to meet the demands of our clients. We are one of the biggest & excellent suppliers, manufactures, exporters of granite, Indian granite.

We are top best Manufacturer & Dealers of good Quality Marbles In India.

Best Quality Indian Marble quarried from our quarries. The material is processed on Italian Machinery. We are produce and supply of cut and dressed marble paving, tiling and building material. For a life of distinction, surround yourself with genuine sandstone, granite and marble from impression.

We are Indian marble, natural stone, elevation stone, floor tiles, wall tiles and granite importer, exporter, supplier and manufacturer deals in all kind marble tiles for flooring and counter tops. We are manufacturer, suppliers of Marble slabs, tiles and flooring. We are providing a wide range of marble shades.

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